While floods are one thing that have devastated the housing market, foreclosures, tax liens, and rising interest rates are another cause of issues when it comes to Houston's real estate. Whether you have been affected by any of these or other situations, like loss of income, inheritance, or relocation, selling your house under a tight timeline can become a necessity. That's where Home Buyer Houston comes in to save the day.

How we work

Going through the regular process of selling your home can take months, and that's often not a great way to spend our time. What we do as home buyers is take a quick look at your home and determine what might be a fair cash offer that we can bring to the table. Whether the home is damaged, flooded, or otherwise in some state of disrepair, we like to purchase homes as-is in any condition with cash. Because we're not dealing with mortgage companies, agents, or negotiations with buyers, we can make the offer and close on the house in 7 days or less. 

What are the benefits to you?

  • Speed: Close in as little as 7 days.
  • Cost: There are NO closing costs that you have to pay, saving you thousands.
  • Fees: NO fees, saving you up to 6% by not having to pay real estate agent commissions.
  • Repairs: You don't need to make any repairs in order to sell the home. We will take care of that.
  • Easy: Since we take care of everything, have no hidden or extra fees, and can make the transaction happen quickly, the burden is entirely taken off your shoulders


How can we help with foreclosure, liens, or other situations?

When it comes to foreclosure, you're under a tight deadline. If your home is foreclosed, it goes to auction, where it is essentially sold off to the highest bidder, leaving you nothing to live in or take away for the equity you've built in the home. Selling the home to us for cash instead allows you to put some pocket in your money, salvage your credit, and let you break free from the burdens of foreclosure.

For tax liens, it's much of the same process. Homes can become foreclosed and auctioned because of unpaid taxes. Lien holders can take the home for pennies on the dollar.

In situations where a home has become uninhabitable due to damage or it's just a burden on your shoulders because of inheritance or divorce, and you're looking to liquidate the home quickly, we are able to apply the same process for you. There's no reason to drag a problem on any longer than need be. We'll take care of the property so you don't have to add any more stress to your life.

You can visit us at https://www.homebuyerhouston.net to learn more on what we can do to help you with your home, and get a fair cash offer that you can take immediately!